For the past three centuries, the Christian community has commonly agreed that it is our faith in Christ that saves us. But noted theologian and minister Oliver Rogers makes a startling argument: that we human beings should base our hope of salvation on Christ’s faith as opposed to our own. In his new book, The Faith of Christ, Oliver Rogers explains how a small, prepositional difference in scriptural interpretation can lead to huge implications for our salvation.

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The book, “Faith of Christ”  Published by Tate Publishing is not available through Tate Publishing.  They declared bankruptcy. The Study Guide including Thirteen 13 lessons is still available on the blog.  There is no charge for its use. You can get “New Life for the Walking Dead” by going to <>.  West Bow Press has […]

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This is the title of my recent book.   “New Life for the Walking Dead.”  Published by West Bow Press.  For more information go to:  <>.  There are 13 chapters.  The first 6 chapters are designed to demonstrate from Scripture that Jesus Çhrist, while living on the earth, is indeed who he claim to be “the […]

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